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My Story

Hi. My name is Jocelinne.

I have 2 loves in my life: My fur-baby Cadence, and of course, Scentsy.

I enjoy camping and being outdoors, and sharing laughter (and the marshmallows…) and creating cherished memories with friends around the campfire.

When I think of how to tell my story, I hardly know where to start.

It all started with my attending a family member’s own Scentsy party, and purchasing my first warmer and bar of wax.

Let me begin by telling you that Scentsy makes perfect scents! I have a passion for the health and safety features that the product so proudly boasts and that the scents that they provide are bar-none; they smell REAL!  However, this said, my passion for this product goes beyond the perfect scents that it provides.

I am a small-town girl from Manitoulin Island, ON.  I come from humble beginnings and many lessons from the school of hard-knocks. I never really had any ideas of what I wanted to do when I ‘grew’ up, I wasn’t particularly passionate about too many things that would enable me to support myself and my family. I wanted to love my job! I wanted my job to make a difference, to matter, and to enrich the lives of people I came into contact with.  I had spent years at average; hum-drum places of employment, and then came along Scentsy.

The quality and beauty of the Scentsy products helped me to overcome my fear of meeting new people and speaking to strangers, so I could share with others the benefits of having a wonderful smelling environment to come home to, without the worries that often accompany a flame-lit candle.

Scentsy has given me the passion to succeed and challenge myself in a way that I had never considered.

The results: 100% rewarding. I have found through my eight years of experience, that this business is so much more than candles, it is about empowering people.


I have been blessed with not only a steady income, but countless opportunities which have opened doors to amazing experiences, cherished friendships and the feeling of personal accomplishment that can only be achieved through hard work and the liberation of stepping up and out of my comfort zones and going after the goals that I continually set for myself. I have learned the value of courage, the climb has had its peaks and plateaus, but the climb itself and the perseverance in hopes of greater achievement has been the best part of the journey and well worth the pay-off both financially and spiritually.
I will leave you with our fabulous company’s Mission Statement, as it really does wrap it up perfectly.

 “The Scentsy Mission: To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses, and Inspire the Soul.”

Jocelinne Hillman

Independent Scentsy family Superstar Director